Don’t suffer with financial worries alone during the Coronavirus Crisis

Don’t suffer with financial worries alone during the Coronavirus Crisis

The strains we and our families are facing at this difficult time are numerous. First and foremost COVID-19 is a health crisis and our collective welfare is everybody’s primary concern.

Beyond that, the knock-on effects are significant, not least economically and financially.

Fryer Glass are financial advisers, and our contribution during this crisis is to make an open offer to share our financial knowledge with anybody who is concerned about their, or their families financial situation. To this end:

  • We are making ourselves available on a no cost / no obligation basis to provide practical guidance on financial planning at the present time. Fryer Glass has provided support like this in the past, and we have seen how our involvement has released some of the pressure people can put themselves under when they try to deal with some of these issues alone. We help formulate a workable plan of action that people can take forward.
  • Over the past year, we have been a support resource to Oakleaf Enterprise, a Surrey mental health charity. They have sign-posted people with financial difficulties to us, and we have been present at the charity to help work through their difficult financial situations. The present restrictions have meant that these face-to-face meetings can’t take place. However, we are delighted that Oakleaf Enterprise has asked that we continue to meet people virtually.

We can’t manufacture ventilators or prepare hundreds of meals, but we can make available our financial advice to release some of the pressure people might be feeling at the moment. It’s a cliche, but we are all in this together.

We don’t judge, we’re just here to help

Don’t wrestle with your financial worries alone, reach out and speak to someone. A problem shared is a problem halved. We can be contacted by telephone: 01276 301103 and by email: [email protected]

Mark Fryer and Fraser Glass
Fryer Glass.

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