Fryer Glass business operations during the COVID-19 emergency

Fryer Glass business operations during the COVID-19 emergency

Coronavirus is a tier 1 public health emergency. The health and wellbeing of all people is the number one priority and we must all adhere to ongoing government advice.

Within the constraints we are living under, there needs to be a semblance of continuity including in business and the provision of goods and services. Insofar as this affects Fryer Glass, the following points are worth making:

  • Fryer Glass is open for business and the financial services sector is still operating.
  • The work we are carrying out for existing clients continues and we are able to progress matters with clients by hosting virtual meetings which are working well.
  • We are welcoming enquiries from new clients too.
  • We are aware personal finances are going to be an issue for many people. It is important for us to make clear that anyone can approach us if they have a question about their financial circumstances. We will help where we can, either directly or by signposting on to a more suitable resource. It sounds ridiculous having to state it, but we will NEVER charge ANYONE who comes to us asking for initial help about the financial concerns they may have.

To contact us call 01276 301103 or email [email protected]

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