Fryer Glass – Corporate and Social Responsibility

Fryer Glass – Corporate and Social Responsibility

“One of the many enjoyable things about owning your own business, is shaping how your decisions can benefit the wider world.

I’m somebody who is self-aware and regularly grateful to live and work in a place where health, peace and relative prosperity abounds. I’ve visited parts of the world where that is not the case. My experiences have influenced our approach to CSR and charitable support here at Fryer Glass”.

Mark Fryer, Fryer Glass

Work for Good

Fryer Glass is a member of Work for Good. Work for Good is a way that our business can give to causes that our clients care about. We have chosen 10 charities and a client chooses which one s/he would like 5% of their fees donated towards. If there is a strong preference to a charity not among the 10, but which is also in the Work for Good scheme, we can happily accommodate these requests. In circumstances where a client expresses no preference, we choose the charity, Children of the Dump.

Visit the Work for Good website.

Children of the Dump

Children of the Dump provides education, family support and loving care to deprived children living in extreme poverty on and around the Payatas and San Isidrop rubbish dumps in Manila in the Philippines. It is a charity close to the heart of Fryer Glass as my wife is from the Philippines.

Visit the Children of the Dump website.

Oakleaf Mental Crisis Centre in Guildford

We have recently chosen to become involved with this local charity. As financial advisers we help people that have money decide how to invest it. We are also aware of poor mental health amongst some people for whom a lack of money is a real concern. We provide monthly prop bono drop-in clinics at the centre for people seeking help and advice about their financial situation.

Visit the Oakleaf Mental Health charity website.

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