Now’s the perfect time to talk finances with your new partner.

Now’s the perfect time to talk finances with your new partner.

It’s summer and it’s the wedding season. Bells will be peeling out across the land (and metaphorically in Register Offices and other licences places), in celebration of the coming together of two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Many couples will live happily too without getting married, but I make the point above for a reason. Once the confetti is swept away and the guests long-departed, there is the practical task of how to make a successful life together. At the centre of this discussion will be finance and money. As a couple what are your ambitions and aspirations? Do you have the income or the income potential to make your dreams a reality? Does either of you have any financial skeletons in the closet?

There is no time like the time of coming together to have an open conversation about attitude to finance, financial history and access to finance. Unfortunately, research shows that people under the age of 45 are very poor at sharing their financial circumstances with those closest to them.

An article in The Independent advocates talking to your partner about finance – before it’s too late.

Marrying, moving in or getting a mortgage this summer. A frank and honest discussion at the start can prevent issues arising in the future.

If you are in a relationship and want to discuss financial planning as a couple, call Mark Fryer at Fryer Glass on 01276 301103 or email [email protected]

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