The 30 signs that you are in a good place financially

The 30 signs that you are in a good place financially

An interesting piece of research is reported in The Independent. The 30 signs that you are in a ‘good place financially.’

Strong indicators include savings, being debt free and going on two holidays a year. Research was based on speaking with 2,000 adults.

Interesting, one of the indicators listed was having a good knowledge of financial services products on the market e.g. Pensions, ISAs and investments. 35% of those polled think that they have a relatively good understanding of financial services products. This of course means that roughly two-thirds do not. If you have any questions about pensions, ISAs or investments or want a discussion in broad terms about financial planning feel free to contact us.

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Click to view the full list of 30 signs that you are good financial health.

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