Your Top 10 Pension Questions Answered

Your Top 10 Pension Questions Answered

From a recent article in Moneywise, readers submitted their pension questions and here are the most popular ones. Click on the article link at the end of the list to read the responses.


  1. Should I take my tax-free cash?
  2. Could the Government abolish tax-free cash?
  3. Will the lifetime and annual allowances see further cuts?
  4. Should I transfer my defined benefit pension?
  5. Should I still buy an annuity?
  6. How much can I take from my pension?
  7. Can I take my whole pension as a lump sum?
  8. Must I take an income from pension?
  9. Will I be taxed if I take an income from my pension?
  10. Can I cash in my annuity?

Moneywise – Your Top 10 Pension Questions Answered

If you have these or other questions about your particular pension circumstances, do not hesitate to contact us.

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