My CSR talk at ‘Real Networking’ event

My CSR talk at ‘Real Networking’ event

I was delighted to accept an invitation to talk and lead a discussion on the subject of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). I was asked to do this by the members of Real Networking, a networking group of small businesses that meet in Egham and Camberley.

The subject of CSR is one that I am passionate about, but conscious not to appear as a preacher on the subject. The starting point for me is that I have never gone without anything in my life, and I’m grateful for that. I’m fortunate to live where I do and to have a good job. I am acutely aware how others, through no fault of their own, are far less fortunate. Helping them in some small way is a big motivation for me.

An early show of hands among the audience suggested others take CSR seriously in their business too.

CSR in Fryer Glass is relatively new and it is still evolving, but some of the outcomes I have observed include:

  • A greater likelihood for clients to recommend you to others;
  • A quicker move to a position of trust between client and adviser; and
  • A comfortable topic of discussion between client and adviser other than financial planning.

Fryer Glass did not start its CSR activity in pursuit of these outcomes, they are a consequence of CSR being central to the values of our business. You can read more about this here.

It’s interesting that the CSR credentials of businesses are becoming more important when it comes to choosing between two equal suppliers. Among the Millennials, the consumers of tomorrow, 85% state this to be an important factor in choosing a brand.

For more details about Real Networking, click here

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